Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here we go! Perseverance through the 2nd semester

Well as Christmas break approached I likened my Ipad experience up until that point to Clark Griswold trying to make his lights illuminate the neighborhood. I felt that sometimes I was trying to make the technical side of Ipad use too difficult when all the while it may have been one small click to solve the problem. 
Now that we are back into the school groove and second semester is approaching I have determined to NOT STRESS! How you may ask will I accomplish this? Well, below you will find my "I will" statements that are intended to keep me sane, and my Ipads safe, for the remainder of the year.

  • I will calmly approach every situation and remedy the problem.... I wouldn't want to frighten the Ipads.
  • I will use logic in problem solving.... The Ipads deserve my very best.
  • I will not destroy any property when I can't fix the problem.... People may call DSS if I abuse the Ipads.
  • I will seek help when needed.... If I love the Ipads enough I will help them no matter what.
  • I will always have a back up plan... It isn't the Ipads fault if it isn't functioning properly.
  • Most importantly, I will have a positive attitude...... as to never offend the Ipads in any way.

On a more serious note, I am excited to utilize the Ipads in the library even more during the second semester. I am more comfortable with them now, students too. I know what too expect and not expect. Although I'm always eager to learn, try, explore, etc. new things and ways to implement them!

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  1. I love your "I Will" Statements and the game plan of not becoming overly stressed! They would call TSS and not DSS though :)